Mississippi River Cruises Return in Spring

Four years ago when Majestic America Line shut down, steamboat cruises disappeared from Baton Rouge, Louisiana along the mighty Mississippi River. The city is anxious to see the return of the riverboats next April.

The city’s Chamber of Commerce says the infusion of tourism would be good to have again and it’s about to get its wish. Starting in 2012 Blount Small Ship Adventures, American Cruise Lines and The Great American Steam Boat Company will revive the riverboat tradition.

Steamboats are planning to make two dozen stops in Baton Rouge next year and one of the vessels will look very familiar. The American Queen was part of the old Majestic America Line and is having a rebirth through The Great American Steam Boat Company.

The 16-year-old steamboat is called the “largest and grandest” paddlewheeler on the Mississippi – a “floating Victorian mansion.” It has been revamped to live up to a lazy, lovely riverboat reputation for more than 430 passengers.

The paddlewheelers won’t be hovering exclusively in Louisiana. Historically-themeed steamboat cruises are also planned for Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.


  1. Lúcia says:

    Wow, steamboat cruise!
    It must be so cool, a different experience! ;-)

  2. I really like cruising but have never tried a river cruise before.


  3. Birdman says:

    Will Tom and Huck be aboard?

  4. Leif Hagen says:

    Sailor – we have historic Mississippi River paddleboat cruises up here in Minnesota which arrive and leave from St. Paul. Thanks for your comment on my blog – good to catch up on your blog today!

  5. Nava.K says:

    The steamboat cruise? I have never heard of it but sure will be worth the try if I can as its “you never try you never know”.

    Hi, thanks for all the comments, hope you fine balancing work and time for yourself. I am finishing off with my busy phase at work, almost done with all the marking, now tabulating and entering to forward.

  6. thank to pass by,go on reading my blog and leaving a comment,see you…

  7. Jacob says:

    This will be a wonderful thing for those southern Mississippi towns. I’ve not been on a paddle-wheeler but I like the idea of “floating Victorian mansion”!

    You keep tempting me with all these wonderful cruising opportunities…but I’d need four or five lifetimes to fit them all in!

  8. Mai Yang says:

    hmmm..now I’m curious..do you think there’s a chance that I can work in a cruise? haha

  9. John Wilson says:

    Mississippi, the great river of the USA. Only a good thing to have a paddle boat once again going up and down the river.
    Thanks for the update – nice to hear a paddle boat will be floating once again.
    John D. Wilson

  10. Miss. Tina says:

    Interesting cruise and hope everything fine with you over there…:-)

  11. Stephanie says:

    My aunt did this and had a great time. And it would be nice to have an historian on board or some sort of haunted ghost tour. Fun!

  12. Wow amazing cruise!!Kises!!

  13. Tere says:

    perfect post, i really love cruises, i want to make one each year!


  14. Debra Turner says:

    Love your fresh design. Beautiful photos and good information.

  15. Dan Barros says:

    hey sailor, what do you think about changing links at our blogs?? please contact me if you have some interest. aventuraexperience@gmail.com

  16. Hilary says:

    I think that would be a lot of fun to cruise down the river this way.

  17. Thanks for letting us know! Sounds like it will be a great experience

  18. inka says:

    This is splendid news. I’ll certainly be on one.

  19. Vanny says:

    hhmm, I think I’d do a river cruise in Europe first before I do one in Mississippi. However, if I were given the opportunity to cruise the Mississippi first, I’d take it in a heartbeat!

  20. Dan Barros says:

    okay Sailor, no problem. Your blog it’s wonderful too. We are always open to your coments in our posts. You are welcome in Aventura Experience always.

  21. I’m so glad that the cruises will be coming back! Would really like to take one some time. I’ve traveled next to and over the Mississippi mnay times, but never on it!

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