Queen Mary 2 Docked next to Norwegian Star

These photos are pictures of the QM2 or Queen Mary 2, the flagship of the Cunard Line.  If you look to the right upper corner of the photo you can see the Norwegian Star docked nearby.  The QM2 is about twice the size of the cruise ships of Norwegian Cruise Lines and can hold over 3,000 passengers.  Actually Queen Mary 2 is not exactly considered a cruise ship, although it does serve that purpose.  It’s officially an ocean liner. Just a bit of side trivia–each berth on the QM2 cost about $300,000 to build which is about twice the price per berth on a regular cruise ship.  The whole ship cost about $900 million to build.


  1. So... says:

    you really know everything about boats!!! ;) hope your doing fine!!!! and thank you so muuuch for all your sweat comments I love to read them!!
    xx So!

  2. Nava.K says:

    Really huge in size. Just to share with you on your comment on tauhu on my blog – I think it originated from China as its commonly used in Chinese cooking.

  3. First of all, I truly appreciate all of your visits to our blogs and your very fine comments! I did visit your wife’s blog and will be back there, too.

    These are beautiful photographs of a magnificent ship. I know the Queen Mary II was big but I didn’t realize how big. It would be quite an experience to sail on her.

    But you have retired as a crew member of the cruise line?

  4. JIM says:

    Really enjoy seeing this I remember when the original Quenn Mary was around

    Thank YOu

  5. Fairooz says:

    Wow! Really awesome pictures mate! I enjoyed viewing all these and also the other pictures in this blog. Thanks for sharing it.


  6. CARMEN says:

    I never was on a cruise ship, but… I am engineer, and my team project marine gearboxes :)

  7. Paul C says:

    What a stately ship. We have cruised once, and these photos are enticing, once again.

  8. Red Nomad OZ says:

    Whoa! That’s a MASSIVE ship! Thanx for sharing it with all my readers on ‘Red’s Round the World Extravanganza’!!

    Red Nomad OZ

  9. Beautiful ship! She certainly is majestic!

  10. Oh wow, that’s impressive, she looks like a great ship!

  11. JM says:

    I really like these perspectives of the Queen Mary II.

  12. Gunn says:

    Great images!
    I like the way you have taken these photographs!

    Gunn / Norway

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